Harris Brake Retreats

134 Ridge Road

Houston, AR, 72070



Lease Agreement for Lake House at 134 Ridge Road


Agreement of lease is made                         , by Ken Herren, proprietor of Harris Brake Retreats, hereinafter called lessor, and                                 hereinafter called lessee.  Lessor does hereby rent and lease unto lessee the Harris Brake Vacation Retreat property located at 134 Ridge Road, for a period of            days, beginning on

                         and ending on                          .  Said property is hereinafter referred to as the premises.


As rent, lessee agrees to pay lessor the base sum of $               , payable to lessor at 134 Ridge Road; Houston, AR 72070, 50% in advance.  In the event that lessee does not abide by the terms of this lease lessor may choose to cancel and terminate the lease prior to itís conclusion, lessees shall nevertheless be obligated to the lessor for any damages sustained.  In the event lessees default on any terms of this contract  and are evicted, lessees will be liable for any damages sustained by lessor including but not limited to property damages, repairs, and the loss of any rent.


Well mannered pets are allowed with prior consent of lessors.  Lessees will be responsible for any damages incurred by pets and may forfeit any or all of the security deposit.


Smoking is permitted outside of the house.  Lessees will be subject to charges for damages or additional cleaning if they smoke inside the house. If there is evidence of smoking inside the house anytime during the lease, the deposit may be forfeited.  Butts are to be put in proper containers provided by entryways.


This lease may not be assigned or sublet in whole or part, and lessees are not permitted to allow guests to live in the aforementioned property during lesseesí absence there from.  No one other than lessees and their guests may live in or occupy the leased premises.


Lessees agree to surrender the leased premises at the end of the term of this lease and any extension thereof in the same condition as of the date of possession, reasonable wear and tear excepted.  Reasonable wear means wear, which occurs without negligence, carelessness, accident or abuse.  Lessees shall make no alterations to the leased premises, or itís contents without the prior written consent of lessors.  An inventory will also be provided for lessees. Lessees may purchase items from the inventory at the assigned prices provided in the inventory.  Lessees shall not remove lessorsí accessories, fixtures or furniture from the leases premises for any reason, unless lessee intends to pay the set price in the inventory.


Lessees shall close all windows when itís raining or upon leaving the premises.  Any damage from wind or rain caused by windows left open or damage by overflow of water or stoppage of drains, breakage of glass, damage to screens, or damage to lawns or landscapes due to neglect or abuse will be the responsibility of lessees to pay for all cost incurred for replacement or repair.


Lessees shall lock all doors and windows upon leaving the premises.  Any damage or theft that occurs during the rental agreement will be the responsibility of the lessee and repair and/or replacement cost will be deducted from the security deposit.


Lessees shall keep trash in provided containers.  Lessees shall not permit the premises to be used for any illegal or improper purposes, or permit any disturbance or annoyances, whatsoever detrimental to the inhabitants of the premises or to the reasonable consideration of other inhabitants in the neighborhood, including but not limited to, playing musical instruments, radios, televisions, loud talking and vehicle noise before 8:00 A.M. or after 10:00 P.M., enough to disturb the neighbors.


Lessors shall have the right to enter the premises for the purpose of inspection and to make necessary repairs.  Lessors shall not be liable to lessees, lesseesí guests or other occupants or persons on the premises for personal injury, property damage, or other losses to such persons or their property by other persons, theft, burglary, assault, other crimes, fire, water, wind, rain, smoke or other causes.  Lessees agree to indemnify and hold lessors free and harmless from any and all liability for injury or death of any person, or any damage to property arising from the use and occupancy of the leased premises or from the act or omission of any person or persons, including lessees, in or around the leased premises with the express or implied consent of lessees.


Lessees are responsible for the actions of their guests and/or damage.  Lessees are responsible for the safety of their guests by informing them of any and all safety warnings in and around the premises and to insure that their guests abide by these safety warnings and precautions.


Lessees have paid a security deposit to lessors in the amount of $                  , which said sum is secured by lessors during the term of this lease and returned to lessees or deducted from total fee, after a thorough inspection of the premises.  Further, lessors may retain all or any portion of the aforementioned security deposit necessary to make any repairs to the leased premises made necessary by the lesseesí actions or inactions, failure of lessees to leave the premises in a clean and neat condition, or the failure of lessees to return all keys to the aforementioned premises.  Further, all or any portion of the said deposit may be retained by lessors in the event lessors sustain any damages whatsoever as a result of the breach or violation of any other terms, conditions or provisions of this lease.  The retention of all or any of the said security deposit  shall not act as a waiver of lessorsí other rights hereunder. The security deposit will be secured at the time of the confirmed reservation.  If lessee fails to carry through with the reservation, the security deposit will be forfeited.  If the lessee gives the lessor at least 30 days notice, a portion, or all of the deposit may be refunded at the discretion of the lessor.  In the event of a natural disaster or unforeseen mechanical failure on this property, the lessors will not be held responsible for any damages other than the refund of the deposit, provided there are no damages to the premises by lessees, and the refund of any remaining rent for the term of the lease.  In the event of circumstances beyond the lessors control, such as property not available as agreed, lessees will hold the lessor harmless and accept refund of deposit.


In the event lessees default upon the payment of rent due hereunder, or any other obligations of the terms of this lease, they obligate themselves for all reasonable attorney fees incurred for collection of any rent or the enforcement of any of the terms of this agreement.  Lessees further commit themselves to pay any and all court costs incurred in connection with any legal proceedings brought to enforce the terms of this lease.  In the event lessees default on any terms of this lease and are evicted, lessees will be liable for any damages sustained by lessor  including, but not limited to property damage repairs, and the loss of any rent.


Thus done, I and/or we have read, and agree to abide by the terms of this lease.  I and/or we acknowledge to have received a copy of this lease on the ________ day of _________________, 20__.


Lessee agrees and understands that occupancy of the premises is limited to the undersigned individuals and their guests.


 (signature) _______________________________________________________


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